Audio Conferencing

  • Excellent call quality and secure network infrastructure –NOT VOIP
  • 24×7 live, local customer support, 20 second benchmark to reach a live operator
  • Online, complete control of calls AND accounts; user setup, pay bills, create reports and much more!
  • True telecom grade bridging technology
  • Recordings available at NO COST!
  • Lowest Rates in the industry
  • Multiple conference bridges on multiple power grids for 99.99999% uptime
  • No Contracts, Commitments or Monthly Minimums

Detailed Key Features


Entry/Exit Options

Choose how your participants are announced when they join and/or leave your conference call. Your options: tone, name announce, name and tone, or silence.

Lecture Mode

Mute all participants during your conference to reduce background noise and prevent interruption. Participants will not have the ability to unmute their lines, permitting you to deliver your message uninterrupted.

Outlook Plug-In

Create, edit and schedule meetings with ease. Pre-determined conferencing information will automatically populate in emails.


Lock your conference call to keep additional participants from joining the call, except for dialing out.

Online Management

Moderator web controls; includes mute, call logs, moderator account additions. Manage your call online by scheduling, starting, presenting and archiving your conference.

Phone Commands

Activate commands such as mute all, dial out, security functions and more.

Project Accounting Codes (PAC)

Become more efficient when charging back for billable hours by using PAC Codes. They are ideal for attorneys, consultants and other professionals who track projects by cost center. You can establish a minimum/maximum number of digits required and provide up to twelve different prompts to play prior to entering the PAC value. We can capture your expense center, department or location, and the information will appear on your monthly invoice.

Security Passcode

Give an added level of security for your telephone call by having more noteworthy control over who joins your meeting. You can choose and circulate your security password for each conference call you have. You additionally can add a security password to an active conference by returning to the leader account menu.


Allow pre-selected guests to join a private discussion during your conference call. Sub-conferencing allows you to discuss side issues and other non-public information.


Hosted Event Calls

Need to host a conference call with the help of an operator? We have skilled operator who will pay close attention to your needs. We offer one of the most secure, reliable and reasonably priced audio teleconferencing services available today. Participants can call-in from anywhere around the globe and are greeted by your operator. Our operators ensure your conference call runs smoothly.


Service Feature Details

The features we offer and pre-planning time we invest in every operator-assisted call insures a smooth and successful conference.

  • A reservation confirmation email containing all conference details is sent so that you can verify beforehand that your call is planned exactly as you want it.
  • An operator is in attendance for the duration of your call to offer assistance from start to finish.
  • An introductory speech allows the host(s) to speak uninterrupted to conference attendees
  • Fully managed question and answer sessions.
  • A participant list is emailed post-call to document who attended the conference call.
  • Receive a digital replay of your conference call for either regulatory or record keeping purposes.
  • Available recording/transcription options
  • Have your call recorded to a CD and mailed via overnight
  • Have an audio recording sent via e-mail or available by FTP
  • Have your conference call transcribed and emailed to you
  • A sub-conference is set up for the host(s) and speakers prior to start of the conference call to allow for last minute preparations.
  • There are no limits on the length of the conference call or the number of participants that you can reserve for in advance

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